Meatless Protein

What is protein?

Protein is nitrogenous organic compounds that consist of large molecules composed of one or more long chains of amino acids and are an essential part of all living organisms. It is found in our muscles, bones, skin, hair, and nearly all other body parts of our body. Amino acids are essential for us because our body cannot create them; therefore, they have to be consumed in through food.

Protein has two sources; animal protein source which called complete. The other is called incomplete protein source which contains fruits, vegetables, and grains.

All foods made from meat, poultry, seafood, beans and peas, eggs, processed soy products, nuts, and seeds are considered part of the Protein Foods Group.

Be sure to select a variety of protein foods to improve your nutrient intake and health benefits. Vegetarian options in the Protein Foods Group may include beans, tofu, peas, processed soy products, nuts, seeds, and fruits.

Consider making food such as

  • Veggie pizza
  • Roasted veggies
  • Veggie burgers
  • Vegetable lasagna
  • Tofu salad
  • Vegetable stir fry
  • Vegetarian chili
  • Vegetable lo mein
  • Vegetable, pea or beans soup such as lentil

Remember eating healthy is all about making the selecting the best healthy food choices.



Food Balance


Eating Healthy always starts with food balance and moderation 

Healthy Eating Habits


healthy-eating-definedAre you thinking of changing your bad eating habits and adapting a healthier eating ones? If you answered yes, then you came to the right place. I know that I may seem hard sometimes or you may feel that you really do not know where to start. So here is your starting point, first you should start with cooking lighter and healthier meals. You can cook healthier by making a few simple changes and experimenting with different flavors. Most people underestimate the importance of eating. They do it mindlessly. They do not care about where their food comes or what is in it.

So here are some of the top healthy cooking tips, and recommendations for the healthiest dishes you can cook for a variety of cuisines.

  •  Use healthy cooking methods such as, Grill, broil, poach, roast, or stir-fry your food.
  •   Use small amount of heart healthy oils such as olive oil or cooking spray instead of using butter.
  • Use fat free yogurt in place of mayonnaise or sour cream
  •   To enhance the flavor of the food without adding salt or fat, use onions, fresh herbs, spices, sodium-free bouillon, vinegar, fresh peppers, garlic or garlic powder, ginger, lemons, and limes.


Vegetarian And Vegan Cooking: The Secret Of Staying Healthy And Strong

vegan-dietObesity is one of the main problems of the country today. In order to address this issue, men and women are finding ways to stay healthy through the food they consume. It is necessary to stay healthy in this day and age. This is exactly the reason why more and more people are finding ways to eat the right kind of food in order to achieve the optimum health. You will surely find vegetarian and vegan cooking really interesting most especially if you want to keep your body healthy and strong. Consuming fruits, vegetables, and fiber offers a lot of benefits. These are:

Lower the risk of cancer

Eat vegetables, fruits, and fiber and you will be able to effectively lower the risk of getting lung cancer. Consume such wonderful items and you will surely be able to keep your lungs working in its full capacity. The best thing about these types of food is that they are very easy to find. You can visit your local fruit stand or head to the nearest marketplace to procure these wonderful stuff.

Prevent the risk of diabetes

A lot of men and women in the nation are having troubles with diabetes. You can avoid getting diabetes by becoming a vegetarian. Foods that are rich in fiber are also great to consume. This can help the body manage insulin effectively. Continue reading

How to Lose Weight Vegetarian Way

fruits-and-veggies-photoBecoming vegetarian doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight. It all depends on what you feed your stomach with and what you do to your body.

However, because you’re not eating meat, so you actually got an edge over meat-eaters such that your body doesn’t need to deal with the toxins, antibiotic residues and bacteria (like E.coli) coming from meat. So in a way, you should lose weight more easily when you apply the vegetarian weight loss tips below.

Lose Weight Vegetarian Tip #1 – Skip No Meals

When you feel hungry and still skip a meal, say breakfast, your body will go into starvation mode. During starvation, your body will slow down its metabolic rate to conserve energy until you replenish your body with food supply. By lunch, you start to eat. But because your metabolism is running so slow, your body can only metabolize that much calories for energy use, leaving the huge remaining calories to be stored as fat.

To make matter worse, the digestion and absorption power after prolonged starving doubles. That’s why when you skip meals, you’ll gain weight more easily instead of losing weight.

Lose Weight Vegetarian Tip #2 – Eat More Meals

When you eat more meals in a day but in smaller portion sizes, you’re in fact keeping your body metabolically active throughout the day because your body is getting a continuous supply of food gradually over time, instead of getting a gush of energy from food in one large meal each from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ideal number of vegetarian meals for effective weight loss – five. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Your meals should comprise high-fiber foods loaded with complex-carbohydrate so you won’t feel hungry so fast and easily. Continue reading